Fort Collins Photo Works

Photo Shoots

2019-11-17 Old Town model shoot 2019-11-03 model shoot 2019-10-27 Harley Quinn - Freddy Kreuger model shoot 2019-10-23 Amy-Cassy-hazy model shoot 2019-10-17 Spiderweb model shoot 2019-10-06 Halloween Model Shoot 2019-10-05 World Hoop Day 2019-09-29 Kai's Water Shoot 2019-09-28 Tour de Corgi 2019-09-14 Lacy and Brian Wedding 2019-09-08 Adventure Team Challenge 2019-09-03  Mandy Model Shoot 2019-09-01 Legacy Park Model Shoot 2019-08-24 Lake Loveland Beach and Light Painting 2019-08-18 Fort Collins Comic Con 2019-08-17 Fort Collins Comic Con 2019-08-06 Global Village Museum 2019-08-04 Rock Gardens model shoot 2019-08-02 Larimer County Fair model shoot 2019-08-01 Loveland Beach Shoot 2019-07-16 Lily Model Shoot 2019-07-15 Realities for Children Golf Tournament 2019-07-07 Evil Clowns 2019-06-30 Seven Deadly Sins 2019-06-02 GVM Central America Exhibit 2019-06-09 Loveland Medieval Fair 2019-06-02 Old Town model shoot 2019-05-26 Realities for Children - Sunday 2019-05-25 Realities for Children - Saturday 2019-05-05 Cosplay Shoot 2019-05-05 Circus Shoot 2019-05-04 Kessel Run 2019-04-27 FCDCC model shoot 2019-04-20 Ghost Busters 2019-04-14 Superheroes in City Park 2019-04-13 Kessel Run Superheroes 2019-04-12 Carly Model Shoot 2019-04-07 Beauty Model Shoot 2019-04-06 Kessel Run Harry Potter and the Fantastic Beasts 2019-03-23 Kessel Run Video Games 2019-03-22 Mirelle as Falcor and Mermaid 2019-03-17 St. Patrick's Day Model Shoot 2019-03-16 Kessel Run Going Green 2019-03-09 Kessel Run Starwars 2019-03-03 Game of Thrones 2019-02-18 Montana model shoot 2019-02-02 Steampunk Shoot 2019-02-02 Bath Bird Day 2019-01-27 Roaring 20s model shoot 2019-01-13 Mandy model shoot 2019-01-09 GVM - Hawaii 2019-01-09 GVM - Russia 2019-01-06 - Roaring 20s Shoot 2018-12-04 The Nutcracker Ballet 2018-12-02 Marvel Cosplay Shoot 2018-12-01 Marvel Cosplay Shoot 2018-11-04 Model Shoot City Park model shoot Lily model shoot Mandy model shoot 2018-10-11- Model Shoot 2018-10-07 Action Model Shoot 2018-09-30 Live Action Role Playing 2018 Tour de Corgi Mindy and Paige model shoot South Dakota Trip 2018-08-31 Fort Collins Comic Con 2018 - Sunday 2018-08-25 Fort Collins Comic Con 2018 - Saturday 2018-08-25 Model Shoot 2018-08-05 Jaci dModel Shoot - 2018-08-03 Roman Toga Shoot - 2018-08-01 Friday the 13th - 2018-07-13 Model Shoot - 2018-07-01 Star Wars and Legs - 2018-06-03 Loveland Medieval Festival - 2018-06-02 Zeppephilia 2018-05-26 Wendy Woo Band 2018-05-26 The Symbols Band 2018-05-26 South to Cedars Band 2018-05-26 Just a Girl Band 2018-05-26 Grace Kuch Band 2018-05-26 Realities for Children 2018-05-26 Metal Maidens 2018-05-12 Mermaids model shoot 2018-05-06 DC Bombshells 2018-05-05 Metal Maidens Occult Creations  Model Shoot 2018-04-28 FCDCC Model Shoot 2018-04-15 Knights of the Tempest photo shoot 2018-04-15 Paige Model Shoot 2018-03-25 Metal Maidens St. Patrick's Day shoot Pirate model shoot 2018-02-04 Behind the Scenes at The Power of Angels Model Shoot 2018-01-07 Model Shoot 2017-12-03 Model Shoot 2017-11-05 Gryphon Comic Fest Shoot 2017-10-28 Dawn of the Rockies Model Shoot 2017-10-07 Model Shoot 2017-10-01 Tour de Corgi 2017 Harley Quinn Day 2017-09-23 Model Shoot 2017-09-03 Fort Collins Comic Con 2017 Fort Collins Comic Con 2017 Model Shoot 2017-08-06 Sherry's Angels Model shoot Old Town Fort Collins Model Shoot Old Town Fort Collins Model shoot Lily Model shoot Ashley Model shoot Model shoot Trenice Cosplay and Beauty Model Shoot Beauty Model Shoot St. Patrick's Day Parade FC3 Cosplay at the St. Patrick's Day Parade Cowboy Jimmy shoot Knights of the Tempest Jousting Shoot Knights of the Tempest model shoot Bath Bird Festival Ethan model shoot Ian model shoot Costume model shoot Lauren and Celene model shoot Costume model shoot World Hoop Day shoot Fort Collins Comic Con Lingerie model shoot Lily model shoot Lily and Vonie model shoot Poudre RiverFest shoot Fort Love Brewer's Festival 12 Cents for Marvin 2016-05-21 Circus Model Shoot Rock Gardens Model Shoot FCDCC Model Shoot Melisa, Megan and Ethan Model Shoot Bath Bird Day Steampunk Model Shoot Ella and Sophia Model Shoot Richard Pavelec Shoot Melisa and Galadriel Model Shoot Melisa, Deborah and Dawn Model Shoot Horsetooth Ache FCRA rowing race Fort Collins Comic Con 2015 Victorian Model Shoot Trio D'Accordion STP Yoga Benefit Mass Effect Cosplay Shoot Borderlands Cosplay Shoot Lake Loveland  Model Shoot FCDCC Model Shoot the Damsels Melisa Model Shoot Denver Comic Con 2015 RMSA Bird Expo Rockstar shoot Movie Poster Shoot Benson Sculpture Garden CSU Bison Orchid Show Caroline model shoot Ella and Sophia model shoot Old Town model shoot Rocky Mountain Bird Expo Costume Model Shoot Summer Model Shoot Out Satrang Wedding 9/27/2014 Harley Model Shoot 2014 Boom Twang at the 2014  Larimer County Fair Linda Pereira, Jan Lelaya, Rita Hill Burke, Paula Almasy model shoot Sammantha and Sophia model shoot FCDCC annual model shoot Jazz Session at the Global Village Museum Bath Bird Festival Ella and Sophia model shoot Old Town Fort Collins model shoot costume model shoot costume model shoot Halloween costume model shoot Christina Pariente emotion shoot Mud Brigade shoot Johanna and Dawn model shoot Steampunk model shoot at the Swetsville Zoo Jousting at the Larimer County Fair 2013 Swetsville Zoo Mark Sloniker Quartet Cassidy Hara and Nick Simon model shoot Pipin' Hot Ghost Peppers Burning Huxley concert Anna model shoot Dreamboat Annie at the Realities for Children Rally Hazmat played at the Realities for Children Rally The Deadwood Saints played at the Realities for Children Rally Blues Dogs played at the Realities for Children Rally Better Than Bacon playing at Realities for Children Rally Amplified Souls playing at Realities for Children Rally Mishiwaka model shoot Christina Pariente and Anna model shoot Rocky Mountain Bird Expo Cinderella by Canyon Concert Ballet Chad Garrett and Anna Model Shoot FCDCC 2013 Old Town Model Shoot Amanda Handler model shoot Amadeus by Open Stage CrossFit Endure gym photoshoot Chad Garrett Model Shoot Scott Allen at the Mother Lode Saloon Nikki Nash western wear fashion shoot Tanya Clathis and Stacy DeHart model shoot OpenStage Theatre's presention of Bullshot Crummond Nikki Nash model shoot Rocky Mountain Slackline - Dakota Collins Zeppephilia Tanya model shoot Stacy model shoot Belly Dancing by Sara Belly Dancing by Sara Fort Collins Zombie Crawl 2012 Scream Theme haunted house Harley Davidson model shoot Save the Poudre clean up of the Cache la Poudre River Morbid Nights presents The Nut House haunted house Mortimer Leech of Widow's Bane Old Town Car Show Model Shoot Four Directions Horse Farm Never Summer Rodeo in Walden, CO Fort Collins Foxes -vs- Cheyenne Grizzlies Baseball Game Fort Laramie Rendezvous Realities for Children Ride and Rally Sleeping Beauty Ballet Golden retriever puppy at Golden Endeavors
The Fort Collins area is home to ballet, opera, motorcycle rallies, mountain man rendezvous, baseball, rodeo, horses and interesting people. Check out our galleries to see what I mean.