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Fort Collins Zombie Crawl 2012

Zombie babes
Zombie babes at the crawl
Zombie children
Zombie children at the 2012 Zombie crawl
Zombie family
Zombie family, well at least one of them is having a good time
More fun at the Zombie Crawl
More fun at the Fort Collins Zombie Crawl
Zombie gorilla
Is this a zombie gorilla or just a normal gorilla eating someone's intestines?
Zombie visitor from Lake Havasu
Zombie visitor from Lake Havasu, AZ
Zombie vampire
Proof that zombie vampires exist!
Zombies having fun
Zombies out for a bit of fun in Old Town Fort Collins
Why do zombies traditionally walk with their arms sticking straight out?
In the original Frankenstein monster movie the monster is accidently blinded when Dr. Frankenstein operates to save his life. The movie was running too long so the editors cut out the scenes about the operation and left the remaining scenes where the monster is walking around with his arms sticking out because they didn't have the budget to refilm those scenes. The audience didn't find it strange that the monster started walking around strangely (and his eyes appeared to be sewn shut), in fact the strange gait added to the monster's horror. When film makers started working with zombies they copied the stiff armed way of walking and it became a part of the zombie mythology.
Zombie family
Zombie family
Zombie road crew
Zombie road crew
Zombie family
Zombie family with a blue color scheme
Zombie smoker
Cigarrettes Smokes may give your skin an unpleasant appearance.
Zombie babes
Zombie babes just want to have fun
Zombie dating scene
Zombie dating scene in the Fort
Zombie in a straight jacket
Carrie and the zombies
Carrie and the zombies
Zombie cop
Zombie cop keeping us safe during the zombie crawl
Zombie roller derby
Roller Derby Zombies
Father daughter zombie team
Father daughter zombie team
Zombie greetings
Howdy, Howdy, Howdy...
This werewolf scared more people than any of the zombies. He hid under a bench until people walked by, then he would jump out at them, growling and clawing at his victim. It was especially frightening because he would just appear from the darkness. One dog that walked by was very wary of the werewolf and pulled on his leash to get as far away as possible, probably a good idea.
Zombie cheeks
Zombie cheeks
well dressed zombie
Well dressed zombie
zombie with day of the dead makeup
Zombie with day of the dead makeup
Zombie princess
Zombie princess
Active night in the cemetary
An active night in the cemetary
Zombie nuns
Zombie nuns looking to save a few souls or at least eat a few brains
Taking Fido out for a walk
zombie doctor
Medicine is an art, not a science
zombie nurses
Zombie nurses about to perform a procedure... "Where do you want to put the pipe?"
blue-eyed zombie
If Mona Lisa was a zombie...
Caribbean zombie
Traditional Caribbean zombie with shrunken head and voodoo doll
Cute zombie couple
Cute zombie couple
Zombies having fun in Old Town
Zombies having fun in Old Town Fort Collins
Zombie eyes glow in the dark
Zombie eyes glow in the dark when they are excited
three-eyed zombie
Three-eyed zombie, not sure how this happens

Old Town Fort Collins hosts the zombie crawl every year in mid-October. It is a family-friendly event, running from about 5pm - 10pm. The event is free and open to everyone. You can buy a ticket to the crawl that will entitle you to drinks and snacks from the local bars and restaurants.

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