Fort Collins Photo Works

Photographic Services That We Offer

We charge $70/hour for one photographer. Additional photographers or models are extra.

Portrait Photography

Look over our "People" gallery for examples of our portrait work. We can shoot your portrait in our studio where we can control the environment to get exactly the image you wish, or we can shoot your portrait at an outdoor location of your choice to get a more informal look.

Product Photography

A good image can make your product much easier to sell, and is critical to online sales. We can stage and light a product to make it look its best.

Event Photography

We don't shoot weddings, but we do shoot most other events, including sporting events, concerts, shows, and parties.

Image Editing

We use Adobe Photoshop to clean up or edit our images. Photoshop allows us to adjust lighting, merge images and even remove distractions to create the final image that we want. We can edit your images as well as our own.